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Attention: Parents With Kids in Primary and Secondary School

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Here are seven factors to consider when choosing a tuition program for your child.

1: Faster Learning, Deeper Understanding and Better Knowledge Retention

teachnlearn adopts a structured training framework known as MEDIC. It is adapted from the Air Force's training methodology. 
How do you ensure that your children remembers what they had learned? What is the secret to a faster learning and better memory?

The answer is in revision and practice by doing. When you study a subject once, you will forget easily. But when you revise often, you will remember better.

teachnlearn offers a unique feature, unlike any other learning programs. All the sessions are RECORDED. That means your child can replay the lessons anytime as often as needed.

The Air Force’s standard is very stringent because they operate in an environment that demands extremely low margin for errors. Adapting from their framework ensures that your child minimises careless mistakes which cause loss of marks.

Every session contains a lesson, assignments and a review. At the end of a module, your child will be given a mock test.

Traditionally, parents like to sit close to the child to monitor their learning progress. Sometimes students are not comfortable with their parent’s presence.

With teachnlearn, parents can review their progress via the replay of the tuition session. You will also receive your child’s progress report.

2: Tailored to your Child's Learning Pace

In a tuition centre, the curriculum can be rigid and subject to the class’ learning pace. You don’t have the flexibility to request more time to cover areas that need more attention.

In teachnlearn, the lessons are 100% customisable to fit your child's strengths and weaknesses. For example, they can focus more hours on the weaker topics and less hours on the stronger topics.

Online interactive tuition gives your child full attention of the tutor.

Not every kid is a good fit for group tuition for various reasons. They could be too shy to ask questions in group setting. Since they are in the home environment, their behaviour can be better managed than being left alone with a tutor without your presence.

3: Qualified Tutors Who Passed our Stringent 7-Point Selection Process

As a parent, you are concerned about the quality of tutors. All tutors from teachnlearn undergo a stringent 7-point screening process which includes (but not limited to) these:

  • at least 3 years of teaching experience,
  • competent in the e-learning platform,
  • familiar with the MOE syllabus,
  • ​graduate of accredited universities
And more…
If you are getting a personal tutor, you are limited to a very small pool of qualified tutors who reside nearby, within a 5km range. For example, if you stay in the East, you might not be able to engage a good tutor who resides in the West or in the North.

With online tuition, you have access to a bigger pool of the best tutors who are not limited by distance or even a country. This means more choice of suitable tutors for your child.

4: Better Use of Parents' and Kids' Time

You could spend an hour or two just to fetch your child to and from the tuition centre. You could be spending another hour hanging around the mall until the tuition is over. Your time and your child’s time can be put to more productive use.

Moreover, travelling can be mentally exhausting.

There is no need to fetch your kids to the tuition centre when they can interact with the tutor online from the comfort and safety of home.

Save on time and travelling expenses. It means more quality family time.

5: Flexibility to Plan Your Own Schedule

In a tuition centre, the class schedule is set to a specific time and date. If you miss a class, you miss the lesson period.

However, with teachnlearn, you have the flexibility to pick a date and time to suit your convenience. You can change the schedule too.

6: Safety, Privacy and Security Measures To Give You Peace of Mind

  • With no need for your child to travel to the tuition centre, you need not worry about road hazard.
  • ​With online tuition, there is no physical contact with the tutor. Your child can learn in an absolutely safe environment.
  • ​We have an established code of conduct all tutors have to observe when engaging with your child.
  • ​All sessions are recorded and monitored to ensure lessons are conducted the way they are supposed to, unlike third-party video conferencing tools where the host can turn off the recording feature.
  • ​You decide how long to keep your recorded sessions, as a way to ensure your privacy.
  • ​​Built with cyber-security in mind, we work with experts to prevent potential hacking and attempts to abuse our system.

7: Prepare Your Child for The Future Work Environment

Does the current tuition system prepare your child for the future where communications and transactions are digital?
Business (buying and selling), learning, and social interaction are carried out online these days. When you look at how most people are glued to their smartphones, you’ll realise that our minds are living in the online world.

In this age of internet technology and cashless transaction, people are adapting to shopping and learning online. Even in schools, a portion of their learning is via online learning.
In a time when there are limited job opportunities in our own country, we have to look for jobs beyond Singapore. It is possible to serve international clients or work for anyone in the world without leaving our home. There are no physical boundaries in the online world.

The digital world requires us to be internet savvy. This exposure to online tuition prepares your child for a digital lifestyle where they can work from anywhere and learn from the best teachers in the world. It will be common for interviews to be conducted online.

To expose your kid to online learning is to future-proof your child.

Our online learning system is as easy to use as making an order from a Mcdonald’s kiosk.


In summary, here are seven factors to consider when choosing a tuition program for your child.
  • Faster Learning and Better Retention
  • Tailored to your Child’s Learning Pace
  • Qualified Tutors Who Pass the Stringent 7-point Selection Process
  • ​Better Use of Parents' and Kids' Time
  • ​Flexibility to Plan Your Own Schedule
  • ​Peace of Mind
  • ​Prepare Your Child for Future Work Environment
  • Faster Learning and Better Retention
  • Tailored to your Child’s Learning Pace
  • ​Qualified Tutors Who Pass the Stringent 7-point Selection Process
  • Better Use of Parents' and Kids' Time
  • ​Flexibility to Plan Your Own Schedule
  • ​Peace of Mind
  • ​Prepare Your Child for Future Work Environment


Now is the perfect time for you to embrace online interactive tuition, where you can access the best tutors from the convenience of home at the most affordable price.

Give it a try with no obligations.

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